To record sounds by using pen and paper

Location: next to an open window by the desk, Hüseyin Agu Bahce Sk
Date: September 18 at 12.44-12.54

paper moved against the surface of the table, humming noise from the computer, distant hammer strokes, drilling sound, tinkling from the drill, puffing, Ella's pen against the paper, my pen faintly, two tinkles from a tool, puff, distant voice, tinkle, puff, two metal objects against each other, pidgeons cooing, puff, speeding car engine at a distance, puff, drilling sound that increases in volume,

To study rythm by imitating body language

Location: various locations around the Taksim square
Date: October 4

To mesaure distances by trying to see each other from as far away as possible

Location: Türkmenistan Parkı, Istanbul
Date: September 19
Distance: 1802 steps

To experience time passing by repeating a selected movement

Location: Taksim square
Date: September 12

To investigate a location by repeating a pattern of walking and looking

Location: IMC, Istanbul
Date: September 22, 23 and 25

walk right behind the pillar – move the notebook from right to left hand, hold it by its long side – the gaze in waist-height, just below the red fire extingiusher – notice the orange and blue sitckers – read the words above – scratch my forehead with right hand – look to the ground, notice the small stones in the floor – massage the nose between my eyes, scratch around my eyes,