To record sounds by using pen and paper

Location: next to an open window by the desk, Hüseyin Agu Bahce Sk
Date: September 18 at 12.44-12.54

paper moved against the surface of the table, humming noise from the computer, distant hammer strokes, drilling sound, tinkling from the drill, puffing, Ella's pen against the paper, my pen faintly, two tinkles from a tool, puff, distant voice, tinkle, puff, two metal objects against each other, pidgeons cooing, puff, speeding car engine at a distance, puff, drilling sound that increases in volume,
murmur from the computer fan, strokes with metal against concrete, puffing, distant murmuring, puff, drilling, two cough sounds from Ella, drilling or maybe sander, strokes, singing sound from sander, puffing, constant humming from the computer, two voices, daw croaking, paper moved towards paper, repeated strokes, distant drilling sound, very distant, faint call from a child, five strokes, drilling, a seagull crying far away, tinkling, distant voice in speaker, the computer making a humming noise, Ella's pen against the paper, drilling sound, something dropped towards the floor, pen being put down at the table, Ella is swallowing, faint voice, something dry being thrown to the ground, distant voices, something being broken, Ella tapping on the keyboard, paper against the table, daw, humming from computer, daw croaking, distant door that closes, rustling from the paper, pen against hard surface, drilling sounds, a squeaking noise from my chair when I move, something wooden dropped against concrete, puff, pen against hard surface, two distant voices, very faint and distant airplane engine, steps somewhere in the building, two voices outside getting closer, drilling, hand against the table, drilling

computer fan, loud and working hard, drill, my pen against the paper, a pidgeon once, hand against paper, puff, moving elbow, swallowing, moving arm, cutlery against porcelain, very faint voice shouting, very, very far away just a hint, birds, pidgeon, my neck, puffing noise as if from vehicle, pen against paper, horn beeping, bird, moving elbow, drill starts louder and louder and stops, voice far away, hammering sound, stretching back and neck, the joints in my neck, birds, faint sound, coughing my hand against cheek, hammering/banging from building site, me moving the paper sheet, the welding or drill stops, very faint crackling noise, voice- just short sound, a crow croaks four times, moving paper, computer fan even louder, hammering, steps, whistling very very far away, hammering, puffs from vehicle, steps, something touches the ground, drilling, puff, me putting the pen down, my arm moving, I swallow, voices far away, close-up sound of vegetation being cleared away, crow, crow, two crows far away, seagull even further, drilling, I'm moving the paper, crow again, background humming between the buildings, I move the paper, pen against paper very faintly, a lorry reversing, very short sound three times, drilling, my chair making noise as I'm leaning backwards, Ylva's pen, voice, airplane noise or perhaps a vehicle, drill, bird, drill, crow very far, my chair is making a noise agains the skin, Ylva's pen louder, my pen is audible

Location: by a desk at the library at Salt Galata, Banka Sk
Date: September 28 at 17:00-17:22

voices at a distance, horns from the street, alarm from cellphone, murmuring from fan, zipper being opened, mumbling and movement from below, zipper, rustling, coughing, giggling, plastic lid falling against the floor, honking horns, high heels against stone floor, voices mumbling, fan, steps getting closer, high heels up the stairs and passing to the left and away, clicking sound, fan, mumbling, paper moving against paper, my pen silently rasping against the paper, more voices at a distance with a long echo one leading male voice, women's voices increase in volume, something like a paper folder that is opened, a voice quietly asking a question, low voices in a language foreign to me maybe Spanish, very distant telephone signal, door that closes, another door closing, mumbling, fan, Ella's pen against the paper, more sigificant voices, door that closes in two stages, mumbling from below, horn, heavy traffic very muffled, something clanging against glass, horn, fan, chair moved against the floor, beeping similair to the beep of a mircowave, rustling from paper, something hard and solid against the surface of a table, clanking, voices far away, murmuring from the fan, mumbling voices close by, clinging, squeaking, maybe from door, furniture gently moved, squeeking, beeping, door closing, an affirmative voice, scratchings, E moving on her chair, fan making noise, sniffling, a high pitch voice with an echoe, heavy dragging steps coming up the stairs – continues easy and quiet to the left, tinkling, several doors closing, several voices mixed, tinkling, mumbling, giggling, someone putting down a foot in one step, paper, E's pen against paper, one step again, mumbling, E's paper moving, door closing, two steps, a new sound of voices as if a door was opened to another room, beep, my pen faintly scratching against paper, beeping, tinkling, a pen that is put down against table, rustling from E's shoes, caughing, chair scratched against the floor, beep, horn, paper turned, almost silent distant steps, voices in conversation moving closer, steps, door closing – faintly at a distance, squeeking from a chair, constant faint tone from outside, steps from someone dragging his or her feet, door closing, cellphone signal, car engine speeding muffled by the windowglass, door closing, tickling, faint tone far away, door closing, faint noise from pen against paper, clanking sound from E's pen, distant voice, rustling, pens against each other, door closing, someone clearing their throat, clank as in porcelin put down on a table, pen against table, voices with an echoe far away they reassamble melodies, scratchings from chairs, rustling, quiet steps, beeping, whispering, rustling of keys against each other, coughing, clearing close voices speaking in french, heavy steps down the stairs, repeated beeps, pen against paper, voices mumbling in french, E's pen, voices far away, clear woman's voice in french ending on a high note as in a questionmark or joke, calm quiet male voice, answering the female voice but interrupted by male voice, two steps, pen dropped to the floor, whistle, two firm steps, coninued french conversation back and forth between the two voices in short phrases, two low whistles, rustling from keys, one step down the stairs, still ongoing french, door closing, ringing as from doorbell, sound of metal against the surface of a table as in a can put down, rustling from paper, E's pen scratches louder, door closing, distant voices, steps from high heel shoes behind me, paper turned, Es pen against table

mumbling, sounds of keys on desk. Voice of female, pen against a surface, background tone – melodic, computer fan in the background, coughing, a laughter far away, heels against the floor, the sound of my own pen, more heels up the stairs, louder and louder, behind my back, slowly fading out, nondescript sound from somewhere near the stairs, male voice, female voices, mumbling, one step on stairs, crackling sound, computer fan as a solid sound in the background, fan from inside library air conditioning system, a phone rings far away, a voice that is whispering, perhaps two voices, someone is pulling a chair against the floor, the mumbling, whispering voice is still present, traffic noise, a car drives by, a horn is beeping, someone pulls a chair against the floor nearby, closest to my left ear, someone drops a pen, the sound of my left shoe, computer fan, continued mumbling, the sound of a material-maybe metal or plastic-against a surface, mumbling, beeping, scratching of nails against my own skin, my pen against the paper, some faint steps, steps in stairs approaching to my left and disappearing behind me, somebody holding keys, tinkling noise, whispers, steps very faint, mumbling sound from far away, the sound of me changing paper, a few steps, the pen against the paper, the sound of my own swallowing, telephone or some other bell of some kind, computer fan, bump, someone coughing, a car horn far away, talking, mumbling, male voice, someone moving paper/ book pages, steps, tapping, a phone signal, mumbling, slamming sound, computer fan, faint whistling or beeping, my own swallowing,mumbling, somebody shifting some material, crackling noise, more mumbling, a brief ring signal, mumbling, one short noise coming from my left, high pitched beep, steps behind my back, one cough, talking voices nearby, male and female, almost whispering behind my back and to my left, the talking gets louder, and then the voices gets lower again, the sound of me moving my paper sheet, talking katchakatel.., one short whistle, more talking: shöhurasis nbüshfane tane eyshtia i oseyimüshere shö, a brief whistling sound, steps, some almost laughing noises, a squeaking sound from a chair, a female voice far away, my own pen against the paper a bit louder this time because it has no padding underneath.