To investigate a location by repeating a pattern of walking and looking

Location: IMC, Istanbul
Date: September 22, 23 and 25

walk right behind the pillar – move the notebook from right to left hand, hold it by its long side – the gaze in waist-height, just below the red fire extingiusher – notice the orange and blue sitckers – read the words above – scratch my forehead with right hand – look to the ground, notice the small stones in the floor – massage the nose between my eyes, scratch around my eyes,

shut eyes shortly and open, lift the gaze to see the floor further away - at the height of the second pillar take the book with right hand and place under left arm – put hands in pockets – right before pillar three look up across the yard and read the Kilic-sign and the text underneath – E says mmm – gaze follows the building upwards and back over the sky and back towards the crack in the ceiling next to pillar three – bump into E with right arm – giggle – look
to the floor and ahead – walk with light steps, close to the line of yellow stones, towards pillar five – look to the Yerle-sign, to the right, at the railing and into the reflection in the glass up to the reflection of the bin then let the gaze follow the same way back and pass the sign and look out to the traffic - turn close to pillar six – scratch my lower back with right hand – move the gaze from trafic to the railing at my left side – walk up on the bridge – look over the railing

to the yard below – put my right hand at my forehead to cover the sunshine – look at the dead plant on the groundfloor – turn the gaze forward – put right hand in pocket – look at the floor, follow the cracks inbetween the stones - look up and see the two Hüseyin-posters – turn left off the bridge – sniffle – rub nose with right hands index finger – yawn a little bit – lift the gaze to the shop far ahead, look at the reflection of us, how the trousers move – walk on a

straight line close to the yellow stones – by the first fan on right side - move the gaze to the left over the yard to the top floor, look at the signs Müzic and Olympia – in line with fan two look into the fan – giggle – the gaze towards the ceiling via cords and metall bars ahead, look at the damp stain in the ceiling close to the pillar, over the white ceiling ahead and into the music shop, look at the poster, the line of guitars up to the pink guitar, look at the big Müzik sign to the left, read the 6532 sign, look at the poster below read Selani Sahia – by the pillar stop in the step, right foot in the air – scratch right calf with right hand – fall into the step - take the book with right hand and the left hand out of the pocket, hold the book by its shorter side - look towards the next pillar to the left -and the loop starts again


right before the first pilar look at the white sign on the wall, adjust my right sleeve, walk on the right side of the pillar, look at the ”musik manager sign, as I turn look at the kilic sign then allow the gaze go left and scan the sky towards the right hand corner, before the sky ends.

By the second pillar hold the notebook in both hands. Look straight down at the notebook then straight let the gaze hit the far end of the path and the facade outside. Slowly follow the pattern on the left hand side, the line of yellow stones until it reaches a point of 45 degrees.

When passing the third pillar say, ”mmm”.

Between the third and the fourth pillar Ylva bumps into my left side and giggles, look up ather face and then back to the floor. Keep the gaze at a 45 degree angle on the floor in front of me.

Between the fourth and the fifth pillar scratch the right side of the nose with the right hand, then swap over and scratch the the left side of the nose. Keep the eyes on the floor. Scratch the left shoulder while moving the gaze to the dark stains at the bottom of the sixth pillar.

Stop scratching when Ylva starts scratching. Keep the gaze on the stains almost until I pass the pillar , then let the arms down to the sides, notebook in left hand, look straight ahead at the window on the facade of the building opposite. Let the gaze be the last thing that leaves before entering the bridge. Walk four steps while looking at my own reflection in the window ahead of me, then look sideways to my right, pause slightly at the ”YAPIM and DAGTIM” sign, carry on scanning horizonally until the gaze reaches the outside. Let the gaze wonder downwards and allow it to rest while looking at the building seen through the floor below. Then move gaze back ahead of me, and right before the end of the bridge look at the two Huseyn- posters, first at the right one and then at the left one. By the end of the bridge Ylva catches up on my pace.

Turn left off the bridge while adjusting the right sleeve on my jumper, look at the two posters in the same manner as before. Fix the gaze on the ”Azim musik” sign until I'm very close to it, then look straight ahead at our reflection in the window of the instrument shop at the end of the path.

By the metal marking on the floor, adjust my sleeves again, first the right one then the left, notebook still in left hand. Then look at the pattern next to the TT textile sign, first at the logo, then scanning the text from left to right, ending up on the second logo and finally glancing at the first one once more.

Turn gaze towards the top of the spiral staircase. Follow the spiral downwards all the way to the words printed in black, keep my eyes there for a while until Ylva giggles, then look at the instrument shop window ahead.

When I am in line with the electrical box on my right, put the right hand in my pocket.

As we reach the corner, my left shoulder touches Ylva's. Make a slight noise when moving hand inside my pocket by feeling the keys and the coins, the eyes are fixed on the banner outside the instrument shop. Once the noise stops start scanning the two main rows of instruments, starting with the top row and go down, from left to right. Notice each instrument.

Move gaze to our reflection on the wall right ahead. By now Ylvas is freezing her movement .

By the next floor marking take out the right hand from my pocket and look at the small white sign. By this time Ylva has caught up with me and the loop starts again.